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Those are some good muffs

Pardon Our French

From our roots in French cuisine and wine, we bring you the best English Muffins, no matter what country you're from.

Food is incredible! The muffins are out of this world and extremely unique from anything I've tasted. Highly recommend trying out any of the muffins, although the original is my favorite. A+ customer service as well.

- K Kloso 

I've lived near Michael's for years and never knew of this gem!  I saw them on the Moving to Raleigh facebook page and thought I would give them a try.  Now we've been coming back EVERY weekend for breakfast sandwiches.  I brought my dad a bag of muffins for Father's Day in Greensboro and now he is requesting I bring three more packs the next time I come.  They are so tasty!!  The best english muffins we've ever had by far!

- Dana Kennedy Lemon 

We ordered their original English muffins through our Papa Spudsdelivery. These muffins are HUGE. They toasted up beautifully and we had them with butter and blackberry jam. They're not quite like store-bought English muffins. More yeasty, but not dense. Very light in texture. | can't wait to try in person one of their sandwich creations.

-Vikki Martin

if you're a breakfast fan, you DO NOT want to miss out on Michael's English Muffins. The bread is divine and the fillings are even better. As a southern gal, | can't get enough of their pimento cheese. My office has used Michael's English Muffins for catered breakfasts, and | can't recommend them enough. They're reliable and super friendly, and the food can't be beaten.  

-Brooke Peters

In a sort of nondescript plaza in a kind of non-descript part of Raleigh is this absolute gem of a food destination. A bakery and eatery that focuses on English muffins: how crazy - and absolutely wonderful at the same time. Typically you run into EMsin the US either in plastic-bagged, cardboard-boated packages on somewhat overlooked grocery shelf space or on the breakfast menu of that corporate leviathan "M" place. Put those images away. What you'll experience at Michael's is fantastically different. | am so glad whoever is behind this place (presumably Michael...lol) is sharing their passion for the somewhat esoteric baked good with the rest of us. The sat Michael's are astonishingly good. They are pillowy, tasty, sublime, and the perfect backbone for their "SEC" sausage, egg, and cheese EM sandwich (they have many other varieties, also). As someone who's had a lifelong, somewhat guilty and ashamed, taste for the same sandwich from the colossus drive-through place, | am so, so glad to be able to get an exceptional version made with obvious care, quality ingredients, and passion by a Raleigh business. | will go back again and again, and | am presently restraining breaking into the extra muffins | brought home meant for the rest of the week. Oh, and the people are great: the team behind the counter greeted every single person who walked through the door(there were many) while | was waiting for my order with a genuine, outgoing, warm "Good morning!"

-Matt Julian 

the bacon, egg and cheese is my favorite and most delicious. The staff is always helpfull and friendly. 10 stars!

-Farrah Reid

amazing place to eat!!!! definitely recommended this place the food and service is amazing.

-Alfredo Camargo  

easily one of the best breakfast sandwiches i've ever had. friendly staff too.

-Clark Gerber

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 Our muffins are the definition of comfort food.

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Our Story

Our English Muffins go through a 12-24 hour process where every gram that goes into the batch matters, including the long man-hours they take to prepare. It is a true labor of love and you can taste the difference.

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