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First and foremost, "Michael’s" is a dedication to my late father, Michael J Comisar, and the sense of hospitality combined with hard work he instilled in me from the start. He left behind the legacy of the legendary Maisonette, an award winning, 41-consecutive five star French restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio. This will always leave an indelible mark on my identity and the type of service I want to provide to my customers. 

Quality-a measure of excellence, a word that has been a recurring mantra in my life. But what does quality mean to me? If I were to break it down into sound bites, I can hear my late father’s voice, a successful restauranteur, repeating  “attention to detail, attention to detail, attention to detail”. 

In my late twenties, after resigning as the GM of a restaurant where quality wasn’t practiced, I resolved to immerse myself with people and companies that embrace the same values that I hold dear. Working for a small Artisan Bakery became the next logical step in my journey. I witnessed first-hand the meticulous detail they applied to all aspects of their business. From the beginning, quality of product, and quality of ingredients, were first and foremost important.  

Continuing on in my course in life, I used my sommelier training and accepted a position with Sour Grapes, a wine distributor in Raleigh, North Carolina. I applaud their mission statement- “Quality, to us, means more than just a fancy bottle or a nice label. It is the contents of the wine that we sell that make it a quality product. From the soil and the vine to the cork and the customer, our wine is unique and special.” 

Establishing new relationships through wine distribution to local restaurants, I fell in love with this new city, Resolving to bring my favorite muffin recipe, I have begun to introduce a whole new region to this decadent and comforting food. 

The English Muffins go through a 12-24 hour process where every gram that goes into the batch matters, including the long man-hours they take to prepare. It is a true labor of love and you can taste the difference. Again I hear my dad's voice- “attention to detail, attention to detail, attention to detail” This is my history, and it is my future.

a person standing next to a glass of wine